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  • Property and Asset Valuation.

  • Buying and Selling of interest in landed properties.

  • real estate as a commodity is a complex product.

  • multi-disciplinary team exercise

AAA is affiliated to two renowned companies in the UK – Bernard Williams Associates  and International Facilities & Property Information Limited

Both companies undertake professional engagement globally and we are their representative in Nigeria. Therefore, AAA is an indigenous Nigerian firm with
global outreach.

Feasibility/viability Appraisal:

This involves detailed analysis of property options to
enable investor (developer) make appropriate decision regarding options available.
Report produced can be used to source for funding from local and international
financial institutions.

Project Management

This will involve gathering required experts, putting together a
working team and co-coordinating their activities through the development stage up
to completion. It is about ensuring that projects are completed to time and within


This relates to organising and packaging sale/letting of conceived project
right from the conceptual stage. AAA engages in off-plan sales of property
development schemes. This role could span through the different stages of

Land Acquisition:

This involves sourcing for appropriate land for proposed
development. AAA’s development team in collaboration with other divisions of the
practice assist client’s in identifying and acquiring appropriate land for their schemes.

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— AyoAbolarinwaandAssociates is different

Ayo Abolarinwa and Associates (AAA) is a multi- disciplinary firm of Registered Estate Surveyors
and Valuers. We are licenced by the Estate Surveyors and  Valuer Registration Board of Nigeria and registered with relevant government agencies to practice Estate Surveying and Valuation in Nigeria.

AAA as a multi-disciplinary practice of Estate Surveyors and Valuers renders professional
services at different phases of property life-cycle. Our property development services cover
new builds and refurbishments. Therefore, our services in this area include:

Where it becomes necessary for two or more companies to merge, the
valuation of the assets of individual company will be necessary. The service here relates to
undertaking necessary valuation to enhance merger.

This relates to determining forced sale value of properties for auction sales. This sort of
valuation is often undertaken for financial institutions. However, individuals and corporate
organisations do sometimes require it too, particularly when their property becomes a subject of
forced sale.

This relates to carrying out professional rental analysis to determine
appropriate rent to charge on a property at a point of time. This could be in respect of a newly
completed property, or an existing one where lease/tenancy renewal is required and there is
need for rent review/negotiation. AAA support clients through lease renewal processes

This relates to the valuation of factory premises which
traditionally consist of Plant and Machinery.

This relates to determining the appropriate amount for which landed
properties should be insured for to ensure adequate cover that will guarantee sufficient
compensation in case of damages. In this era of terrorism, the need for this type of valuation
cannot be over emphasized.

01 01

Purchase of Landed Property

AAA source for adequate property for interested buyer
to buy.

02 02

Sale of Landed Property

AAA assists clients to sell their properties for best price

03 03

Letting/Leasing of Landed Property

AAA assist landlord to source for tenant and help
tenants to source for properties to rent or lease. This makes our offices a meeting
place {market} for property vendors and vendees.

that cover all stages of the real estate life cycle

Registered Estate Surveyors and Valuers

— At the core of our services is Property and Asset Valuation.


Our work experiences which relates to works that our staffs and affiliates have handled overs the years
are noted below. They cover both local and international assignments mainly in Nigeria and United
Kingdom. The experiences span across different categories and types of clients some of which

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— Testimonials

Our focus is to be appointed and retained as your accredited Estate Surveyors and Valuers
with the goal of undertaking any or all the professional services  highlighted in this profile.

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